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I haven't posted anything on here for a while, my flash skills have developed very nicely though. However, I've decided to stop with flash, because of how much CPU usage it takes to run a large game in flash. I might have a few things I'll post though, maybe a website.

Actually spending time on my current project, hopefully it won`t suck like the rest.


2011-11-27 00:28:07 by Liozamu

Kinda at a stand-still, but I`m getting okay with line art so, might have a game with descent graphics here shortly.


2011-11-02 22:55:20 by Liozamu

Finally! I can FINALLY start working on some descent plat-formers, I just finished my own gravity script, with movement that drifts to a stop. I`m very happy! The one I used in "Paper." was not very realistic or smooth, but this one, this one is so smooth.......smooth................. :D

Turn Based RPG

2011-10-22 23:42:44 by Liozamu

Alright, taking in all the advice and comments ive gotten on my turn based fighting games, Ive starting working on another, this time with completely new graphics, new codes, and this time, will have a story line that branches off in several directions depending on the paths you take, a new class system, and most of all, a LOT of RPG Features.

Turn Based Fighting V3!!!!

2011-10-20 21:29:56 by Liozamu

Now with classes, magic, magic potions, and a whole lotta moar!

New Game!

2011-10-16 21:43:26 by Liozamu

My first turn-based fighter!
Try it out!


2011-07-08 19:53:21 by Liozamu

I be bored!

Looking for Graphic Designer.

2011-05-09 22:55:39 by Liozamu

I`m needing someone to do some good graphics, pixel or normal styled. It`s for a new game. Anyone interested?

Change of Plans.

2011-04-25 02:43:14 by Liozamu

I have a new project I`m working on, the rpg and the new ZoD game are still gonna be out, but this new project is gonna be good, really good, like, super omega deathly good.